Shopping in Milan

This service is for you if:

You are going for business trip or vacation abroad and you want to spend time with benefit

You prefer high quality of everything but you don't see the sense to overpay for the label

You don't know how to behave yourself on sales, and you're lost in a variety of brands and shops

You want to spend money on really original clothes of famous brands

You think that premium and luxury segment things only for "celestials"

As a result of our work:

You will get high quality items of famous brands at reasonable prices

Things that you'll buy will really fit your status, lifestyle and appearance

You'll learn the rules of successful shopping and you'll get 100% effective purchase

You'll be able to spend time with your family and enjoy the rest, but not to run lickety-split to shops throwing money down the drain.

I guarantee that your bags will burst with an abundance of purchases!

You will also receive:

Photos of our shopping process

Recommendations about the rules of things combination (which you have and which we will buy).

Service format:

Shopping-assistance is carried out after 30-40 minutes consultation and filling out a questionary or after Complex image and style consultation and/ or Wardrobe audit.

During our work with you:

Duration of shopping-assistance determined by your needs and budget.

The guarantee for both parties is an international contract.

Minimum shopping duration is 6 - 8 hours.


You need minimum 3000-5000 EUR to upgrade your seasonal wardrobe totally from my experience.

My location in Milan at the season of sales – January and July. Schedule must be specified. Pre-registration is required!

You can also order shopping-assistance in other Italian cities (Florence, Rome, Venice) and Europe (Paris).


VIP-shopping: format is also available: shopping trip at any time of the year. The residence time in any city (Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice, Paris) is 3-5 days.

Minimum shopping duration is 6-8 hours.


The guarantee for both parties is an international contract.

In addition to the shopping-assistance services you pay for: my flight (economy or business class), my transfer airport-hotel-airport, hotel or apartments (3-5*) for me, a taxi or rent of a car for all days of staying, my food.


Recommendations for shopping:

Additional recommended services:

Complex image and style consultation
Wardrobe Audit

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