Shopping-assistance in Minsk, Vilnius

This service is for you if:

It is difficult for you to find a perfect sitting clothes and shoes, or you have a non-standard size

You're losing in the assortment of shops or its seems poor for you

You're tired of intrusive sales consultants or spontaneously acquired and random things

You don't like long shopping or you don’t have time for this

As a result of our work:

You'll learn the rules of successful shopping, and you'll get 100% effective purchases

You'll know about the most advantageous colors, style of clothing and accessories for you

You'll get many new and stylish sets

You'll get only those things that are perfectly fit for your lifestyle, goals, status and budget

You'll be aware of fashion trends, actual colors, styles, shapes, fabrics and prints

Shopping will cease to be a continuous stress and it will turn into fun for you

You will also receive:

Photos of our shopping process

Recommendations about the rules of things combination (which you have and which we will buy)

Service format:

Shopping-assistance is carried out after 30-40 minutes consultation and filling out a questionary or after Complex image and style consultation. and/ or Wardrobe audit.

During our work with you:

Duration of shopping-assistance determined by your needs and budget.

The guarantee for both parties is an international contract.

Price in Minsk:

In Vilnius80 EUR per hour.

Plus my overheads (fare-food-hotel-taxi). Minimum shopping duration is 4-6 hours.

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