Complex image and style consultation

Complex image and style consultation includes the topics:

Identification of style directions based on your profession and lifestyle

Individual color portrait: basic and complementary colors and its combinations, accent colors

Visual correction of your shape by silhouettes of clothing

Fabrics and prints

Base (“smart”) wardrobe


Haircuts, hairstyling, hair coloring and its technology

As a result of the consultation you will be able to:

Create a holistic and complete look for any event

Look fresher and younger using the "correct"(your) colors

Appear taller and slimmer

Give the charm to your image and make it more memorable using accessories

Do shopping easily and unmistakably

Look always at the highest level with minimal time and effort

Talk to any hairdresser on professional language - what would make the result of his work more predictable

You will also receive:

Image-book - an illustrated online-guide with the individual recommendations about the choice of optimal for you styles, silhouettes, colors, fabrics, prints, accessories, hairstyling (10-20 pages).

These recommendations remain relevant to you for many years, because over time the type of face and body do not change but change only the size of clothes.

Service format:

The service is available anywhere in the world by Skype or another online-platform.

The guarantee for both parties is an international contract.

Duration of consultation: 3 hours


3 hours – 300 EUR. Prepayment 100%.

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